Other Products

You may now order additional products from InterLab Supply necessary for BOD and Toxicity testing. InterLab technical personnel will, of course, assist you in use of these products. Call 281-298-9410 for additional information.

(Note: All pricing is FOB The Woodlands, Texas)


Convenient and Economical GGA Standard Solution in 125 ml Bottle

Convenient, fast and economical GGA standard analysis with consistent results. Each bottle contains both glucose and glutamic acid precisely formulated to achieve a BOD standard of 198 mg/liter.

GGAFeatures and Benefits:

  • 125 ml, Sterilized GGA standard solution
  • 150 mg/liter Glucose: 150 mg/liter Glutamic Acid
  • Cost effective
  • Easy-to-use liquid
  • Consistent results
  • Free of biological contamination
  • Formulated according to The Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater
  • 2 year shelf life unopened
  • 45 days opened and refrigerated
  • Product# P510

Single-Use GGA

Pre-Measured GGA Standard Solution in Single-Use Vials

Single-Use GGA vials eliminate the need for pipetting and reduce the risk of broken glass and contamination. Just open, pour and rinse for unmatched ease of use. Single-Use GGA vials have been manufactured according to APHA method 5210 for 5-Day BOD Testing. Available in 24-vial and 48-vial cases.

GGAFeatures and Benefits:

  • 6 ml vials of sterilized GGA standard solution
  • Cost effective
  • No Pipetting
  • No broken glass
  • No contamination
  • No dilution factor
  • Consistent results
  • Available in 24-vial (#P810) and 48-vial (#P910) cases