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Convenient and Economical GGA Standard Solution in Single-Use Vials.

Convenient, fast and economical GGA standard analysis with consistent results. Single-Use GGA vials eliminate the need for pipetting and reduce the risk of broken glass and contamination. Just open, pour and rinse for unmatched ease of use. Single-Use GGA vials have been manufactured according to APHA method 5210 for 5-Day BOD Testing. Available in 24-vial and 48-vial cases.

Features and Benefits:

  • 6 ml vials of sterilized GGA standard solution
  • Cost effective
  • No Pipetting
  • No broken glass
  • No contamination
  • No dilution factor
  • Consistent results
  • Available in 24-vial (#P810) and 48-vial (#P910) cases