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InterLab Products The PolySeed® product line, including PolySeed,

InterLab Products The PolySeed® product line, including PolySeed, PolySeed NX® and PolyTox®, was first developed in 1976 by PolyBac Corporation located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. PolySeed products quickly became an industry staple. Other commercial BOD5 testing seeds came into the marketplace, but the PolySeed line remained a market leader due to high-quality product and company focus on the environmental laboratory testing industry.

PolySeed, known as the “Original” BOD Seed, received EPA approval in 1982. PolySeed is the only commercial BOD Seed that has received this approval.

In 1997 the PolySeed product line was bought by the current owners of International Laboratory Supply (InterLab Supply). Manufacturing of the product line was moved to InterLab Supply’s headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas. The new ownership has maintained the high manufacturing and Quality Control standards that PolySeed customers have come to expect. InterLab Supply dedicates its resources to the development and technical support of PolySeed products.

After 50 years, the PolySeed product line has earned a respected position in the wastewater treatment industry and it has attracted the loyalty of environmental professionals worldwide. InterLab Supply strives daily to maintain this level of trust and loyalty by providing our customers with the highest quality product, exceptional technical support without exception and prompt, accurate delivery.

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