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Convenient, fast and economical BOD analysis with consistent results. Each capsule contains specialized microbial cultures ideal for use in a broad range of areas involving degradation of industrial and municipal waste.

$117.00 per 50 capsule bottle

Product# P110

PolySeed NX®

Cost effective CBOD analysis. A blend of specialized microbial cultures containing a chemical additive for the inhibition of nitrifying bacteria in wastewater samples. Designed to provide a standard seed source for the degradation of both industrial and municipal waste in CBOD testing.

$150.00 per 50 capsule bottle

Product# P210


PolyTox is a 30 minute rapid biological test for measuring the toxicity of raw water or wastewater to biological organisms or systems. This blend of specialized microbial cultures in an easy-to-use kit provides a simple and economical test that eliminates the need for expensive instrumentation.

$185.00 for 20 tests

Product# P410

Single Use GGA

Convenient, fast and economical GGA standard analysis with consistent results. Each disposable vial contains 6 mls of glucose glutamic acid precisely formulated to achieve a BOD standard of 198 mg/liter. Available in cases of 24 or 48 vials.
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$69.70 for 24 Vials

Product# P910

$132.50 for 48 Vials

Product# P910

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