FAQs General Questions

1.How do I get a copy of an MSDS, Application Procedure, or Technical Data Sheet?

Each of our products comes with an application procedure, and MSDS form. However, if you need an additional copy we have the forms available online at www.polyseed.com. We can also fax a copy upon your request.

2. What type of pipette and/or pipette tips should I use?

Standard methods suggest using wide mouth volumetric pipettes and tips.

3. What type of BOD bottles should I use?

To ensure a watertight seal, InterLab Supply recommends using Wheaton’s 300-mL BOD bottles.  Wheaton’s BOD bottles have a flared mouth and use tapered ground-glass stoppers which are the bottle features recommended in The Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater.

4.How can I obtain a copy of a Certificate of Analysis?

COA’s are available online at www.polyseed.com or we can fax a copy upon your request.